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School holiday Street Art project

Young artists - This one is for you!

Professional artists Chuck Mayfield and Bryan Itch are coming to Croydon to mentor young artists and collaboratively create a unique street art piece!

Artists of all experience levels are encouraged to come along, this will be an opportunity to practice your skills and learn some new ones! 

Project details:

Initial workshop to meet Chuck and Bryan and your fellow young artists

Wednesday 14 April 1-5pm

EV's Youth Centre - 212 Mt Dandenong Rd, Croydon 

On site painting days

12-5pm on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th, Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th April

Pierson Street, Croydon

To be part of the project you need to;

- be between 15-25 years old 

- be able to get yourself to EV's Youth Centre and Pierson Street, Croydon on the relevant dates as listed above

Once you have completed the form, you will receive a confirmation text and email from one of our youth workers.

We look forward to working with you on this project!


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