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Senior SWAT 2021 Project Highlights


Norwood Secondary College 

Layla, Kylah and Mia focused their project on strengthening relationships. They identified that the structure of classes changes significantly from year 9 to year 10 and they wanted to provide more opportunity for year 9 students to connect with each other, outside of their friendship groups before transition to year 10. They put forward a proposal to change the structure of their weekly mentoring classes to allow the students to be mixed up in different classes each week for 4 weeks. They also designed 4 session plans to strengthen relationships in these sessions. To ensure that they were able to measure the success of their project, they produced a pre and post project survey to collect information about how the project was received by the year 9 students. 

Melba College 

Ainslie, Holly, Mia and Korkor focused their project on strengthening relationships between students and teachers. They identified that students learn better when they have a good relationship with their teachers. After brainstorming a number of different ideas, they decided to propose a colour run for year 10 students and teachers. This would be an opportunity for students and teachers to work together and work their way through an obstacle course without getting hit by the coloured powder their peers were throwing at them. 

Tintern Grammar

Bailey, Ava, Ella and Ava focused their project on improving wellbeing through positive emotions and connection. They created a student led newsletter that included book recommendations and tips on how to get through lockdown. They ensured that their peers voices were heard throughout the newsletter. They then sent out a survey to their year level to get feedback about the impact on their newsletter. The final component of the project involved seeking donations for hand sanitiser to ensure that students felt safe to return to school after the lockdown. They were able to get a large donation of hand sanitiser that they provided to their peers.

Aquinas College

Brooke and Bella focused their project on engagement with the school community. They designed a project where students could come together to highlight all the things that they enjoy about the Aquinas community. Students were then supported to represent this through a collaborative art piece to be displayed at Aquinas College in a central location. 

Heathmont College

Ella, Maya, Bianca and Jascha focused their project on capturing student voice to improve wellbeing in schools. They created a survey to gather their peers insight into the wellbeing class currently being delivered at Heathmont. They used this information to design alternative lessons plans that better meet the needs of the students. They continue to work with the school to identify how best to involve student voice in future planning of wellbeing classes. 

Ringwood Secondary College

Alyssa, Laura, Niharika, Jackson and Abbey focused on improving the wellbeing class currently being delivered at Ringwood Secondary. They created and delivered a survey for their peers to get a better understanding of how the students felt their wellbeing class was going. They used this information to create 4 new session plans to be trialed in this class. They then presented this to their teachers as a tool to assist the delivery of the wellbeing classes. They continue to work closely with their school to ensure student voice is present in the development of wellbeing classes for students.