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SWAT 2019 Project Highlights


Melba College

Seb, Bonnie, Ben and Alana aimed to address suppression in their school by creating a wellbeing folder for each of the homegroup classes. These folders contained self-care strategies, services and websites for students to access mental health support, apps for students to download, and wellbeing related activities that the teachers could deliver in their classes (e.g. mindfulness, gratitude, etc). These folders were launched at Melba week and will help provide teachers and students with strategies, services and apps to raise their wellbeing.

Tintern Grammar

Aidan, Jess, Holly, Alana and Emily identified healthy food intake and physical wellness as their focus area. After much deliberation they decided to run 3 different events for their year 10 cohort. They began with a lunch time yoga session where they engaged an external yoga instructor to teach the students about the benefits of yoga. They then delivered a cooking session in partnership with their food technology teachers where students were given a range of recipes to take home. Finally, they ran a breakfast for all year 10 students where the wider school community came together to prepare a nutritious breakfast for the students. 

Luther College

Emily and Luke teamed up with the SWAT participants from 2017 to follow on from their original project idea. Emily and Luke wanted to make support services within Luther College accessible for all students and to do this, they proposed an overhaul of the student support page on their school intranet. They made extensive review of the current support page and carefully prepared a proposal for a new page which would provide clear instructions to students on where they could turn to for help within the school. This proposal was sent up to various staff in management positions within the school for approval.

Aquinas College

Mikaela, Rory and Karissa challenged themselves to tackle suppression and anxiety in year 10 students at Aquinas College.  The SWAP group wanted to address this with a positive, preventative approach rather than a reactionary one.  In order to achieve this, they developed the “Attitude of Gratitude’ art installation.  The SWAT group created over 100 hundred coloured paper cubes and coordinated all of the year 10 classes to participate in the project at simultaneously.  Each student wrote 6 things that they were grateful for on their cube and these were put together as an installation and hung in a prominent area of the school. The final product was celebrated with an official launch which consisted of an unveiling, speeches and morning tea.

Ringwood Secondary College

Corey, Patrick and Kyle aimed to tackle suppression amongst their peers by creating a series of posters, encouraging their fellow students to reach out for support. These posters aimed to spark conversations surrounding mental health, as well as providing some different options for students to access wellbeing support (e.g. friends, family, teachers, wellbeing staff, etc). These posters were launched across the school, and were followed up with presentations to different year levels to explain their content and the reasoning behind them. 

Norwood Secondary College

Thomas, Ben, Olivia, Angelina and Tahlia identified suppression to be one of the key concerns impacting on the students at their school. They established an innovative idea to have information about the wellbeing centre and how to access support, delivered to students by students through their year 11 peer support program. To support this, the students worked tirelessly to create a short video for students to view at the start of each year as well as developing a session plan to be delivered to year 7 students by the year 11 peer support students. This video and session plan are now imbedded into the peer support training content to be delivered at the end of each year. 

Heathmont College

Amelia, Gemma, Caspar and Darcy wanted to address both physical and mental health for students at Heathmont College and recognised that exercise can have a positive impact on both.  They developed a sporting competition that ran during lunchtimes for 3 weeks, with a specific focus on inclusion.  Dodgeball was the chosen sport and was specifically selected as it is suitable for all skill levels.  Teams were made up of students across all year levels and culminated in a grand final Teachers vs Students game

Croydon Community School

Sam lead an extensive project to increase community connection within his school. Sam identified that improvements could be made to the garden at his school to make it a more vibrant and enjoyable space for all. After many hours of hard work in the garden he successfully produced a wonderful new garden space. He made sure to include his entire school in the launch of the garden by inviting each student and staff member to plant one of 80 new trees in the school grounds. Sam specifically chose indigenous plants to strengthen connection to the traditional owners of the land. 

Congratulations 2019 SWAT participants!