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Junior SWAT 2021 Project Highlights


Bayswater Primary School

Julian and Hanna wanted to improve relationships and connections during recess and lunch time. They created a plan to ask their peers what sort of activities they would like to have run during these breaks. They would then use this information to put together 4 weeks worth of activities aimed at building connections across different year levels.

Bayswater South Primary School

Summer and Thomas focused their project on relationships. They proposed a project to run two sessions with grade 1’s on friendships. The grade 1 students would learn from Summer and Thomas about how to be a good friend using the Friendology program.

Bayswater West Primary School 

Landon spent time working with the Wellbeing SRC team. Step one of the project was aimed at creating a wellbeing survey for primary aged children based on the PERMAH model. Step two was to create intervention cards students could use based on their results to improve their overall wellbeing.

Dorset Primary School

Larissa and Archer began to plan out their well-being sessions which were going to be yoga inspired. This was to make sure people were looking after their mental and physical health after COVID. They wanted to do lots of mindfulness activities for Year 1 and 2 students. They sat with their teacher and worked through their idea and what they needed to make it a success. They began to create posters to talk about the club and went and spoke to all the Year 1 and 2 students to get them excited.  These were around the PERMAH pillars of – P – positive emotions and E – engagement.

They began to plan their sessions out, where they would do activities and stretches. They worked on groups being around 15-20 students with a teacher helping out. They had a camera to take photos and were going to use these to display around the school.

Unfortunately, lockdown hit and they were not able to get the sessions started. They will use the planning for 2022 and hope to complete the project next year.

Eastwood Primary School

Sophie and Evie created a project around strength spotting. They would get the whole school to draw a picture of their top character strength, then award a prize for the best drawing from each year level. Their project focused on engagement and showing the school how everyone has different strengths.

Great Ryrie Primary School 


Jacob chose to focus on the area of Health, specifically having good posture when on the computer. The aim of his project was to improve people’s health by teaching good posture in a newly established Coding Club. Jacob wanted to promote the fact that good posture helps you live longer and grow taller. He had planned to produce a parody to promote his message to play at assembly and at the beginning of Coding Club sessions. Unfortunately due to Covid he was unable to complete his project but remains passionate about good posture. 


Mabel chose to teach students Positive Emotions through Random Acts of Kindness. Mabel believes “if you want to make a good life, you can rely on the ones that treat you nicely. You’ll always have a spot if you be kind. Positive emotions are good for your health.” Mabel presented at assembly about the importance of kindness and positive emotions. She issued a challenge for each grade to do a random act of kindness e.g. draw with chalk on the ground kind messages to people, sing a song to the principal, make a kindness display or play with someone new. Mabel ran a kindness workshop at lunch where the children made kindness book marks and hid them in the library books for people to find.

Heathmont East Primary School 

Ruby, Jasmine and Imogen focused on the area of Accomplishment. They wanted to introduce an individual recognition system in line with their schools values. They developed silicone wristbands showing their school values, motto and logo to be awarded to students displaying the expected school behaviours. These wrist bands will be awarded to students when they are exhibiting one of the school values. 

Kalinda Primary School 

Dith and Lucas knew they wanted to do something that would reach the widest audience. After throwing around lots of ideas, they decided to write a fortnightly newsletter column to tell the community about PERMAH. They wanted to connect school and home, they wanted people to show the school values and wanted to reach lots of people. This was really hard to manage in lockdown and so they are going to continue it in term 4 and into next year. They want to encourage senior students to contribute ideas and families to share what they do at home for wellbeing. Their first article about Positive Emotions is due to go out in the next newsletter!

Marlborough Primary School

After enjoying the Junior SWAT retreat, Nick and BJ wore their 'Social Scientist' hats back at school, with a focus on building Positive Relationships between the students at lunchtimes. Being active students themselves, they also wanted to raise the activity levels for other students at lunchtimes, promoting Positive Health. Together, Nick and BJ successfully planned, coordinated, and ran 'Together Tuesdays' during lunchtimes at school. All students across all year levels were welcome and encouraged to attend Together Tuesdays, with Nick and BJ facilitating fun, fast paced, inclusive games such as Irish Soccer. They showed responsibility in setting up and packing up equipment, coordinating this with their PE teacher as well as modelling positive leadership and fairness while coordinating (and participating) in the games. There were smiles all around and students looked forward to the following Tuesday lunchtime!

Ringwood North Primary School

Mark and Quinn's plan was to take a PE lesson for one of the Grade 1 classes. They were going to teach the grade 1 students about different skills they had picked up through the years of playing downball and footy. Mark and Quinn had planned to demonstrate and instruct the younger students in a warm up activity to get their bodies moving before splitting the class into two groups. Each group would then spend 15 minutes learning about and practicing either footy or downball skills. Following this they would swap groups and learn about the other skill. At the conclusion of the activity the younger students would be given the opportunity to play a short game to utilise their recently learnt skills. 

Tintern Grammar

Ryan created a PowerPoint presentation about Positive Emotions and presented this face in Term 3 to the Year 3-6 students at an assembly.
He talked about what he had learnt in the program about positive emotions and how he could apply it to his daily life.
He showed a quality presentation and spoke confidently and was able to answer questions at the end.
He enjoyed the program and found it useful for his own emotions.

Tinternvale Primary School 

Joel and Chevonne selected positive emotion to focus on for their project at school. They chose to work with two Year 3/4 grades and conducted two sessions with the group of approximately 50 students. These sessions included brainstorming and role playing about positive emotions and then the creation of ‘mood metres’ for students to use in class to indicate how they were feeling. This was chosen to help the students and their teachers to recognise when they might need some help to talk about or solve problems that may have happened in the yard.

Unfortunately the day before the third and final session, we went into lockdown, so Joel and Chevonne were unable to complete the entire project, but are hoping to be able to follow up before the end of the year to talk to the teachers about how the students have used the mood metres in class and if it had an impact.

Yarra Road Primary School

Mollie and Ethan focused their project on Character Strengths. Using what they had learnt from the SWAT retreat, they designed a session filled with different activities helping students to explore their Character Strengths. Mollie and Ethan delivered this session to the grade 5 & 6 students so that they 5 & 6 students could help to teach the session to every single student at Yarra Rd Primary.