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Junior SWAT - Student Wellbeing Action Teams




Introducing our Junior SWAT 2021 Team!

Junior Student Wellbeing Action Team (SWAT) is an immersive experience for grade 5 students who are keen to take their leadership skills and knowledge in wellbeing to the next level.

The program provides grade 5 students with the skills and confidence to enhance their wellbeing, identify their personal strengths, develop leadership skills and ultimately create positive change. 

The program involves:

  • The Summit – A one-day workshop on team work and connecting to others
  • The Retreat – An overnight camp where participants identify personal strengths, build a deeper understanding of self, and learn how to lead with purpose and meaning
  • The Project - Participants create a project that aims to enhance the wellbeing of their peers and community. This is supported by school and youth services staff 
  • The Presentation Evening – A celebration that highlights the achievements of all participants


To find out more you can connect with us on Facebook, call us on 9294 5704 or email us at