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LGBTIAQ+ young people


LGBTIAQ+ representation - books, movies & music!

LGBTIAQ+ representation through media is such an important way to ensure that people feel seen, heard and respected.

 As part of Wear it Purple Day 2020 we wanted to highlight LGBTIAQ+ content in mainstream media and celebrated with an online Pop-Culture Group Chat and discussed all the best rainbow books, movies, shows and musicians! Check out the recommendations below!

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Individual support


We provide individual, inclusive support to young people aged 10-25. For more information and to submit a Youth Support Request form click here.

There are also many support services out in the wider community for LGBTIAQ+ young people including;





Royal Children's Hospital Gender Service

EV's Hangout

EV's Hangout is an inclusive drop in program for young people aged 12-25 every Thursday from 3-6pm.

It's a space where you can simply hangout!

Head to the EV's Hangout page for more information

Past projects

Queer Conversations

Back in May 2020 we started a consultation project to speak with as many local LGBTIAQ+ young people that we could. We have been discussing all the important matters from inclusion, visibility, education and support. We are about to start turning these conversations into new ideas for programs and initiatives in Maroondah. Watch this space!

Queer Voices

In 2019 we delivered 'Queer Voices', a live storytelling project showcasing the stories of local young people who identify as LGBTIAQ+. 

Our wonderful young people shared their stories at 4 community events throughout the year. The impact of these stories being shared has been life changing for many people involved.


Sam sharing his story at the Queer Voices Main Event

Queer Voices was supported by the Victorian Government through the Healthy Equal Youth program

Loos for You

In 2018 with the help of local LGBTIAQ+ young artists we made some radical changes to the inclusivity of EV's Youth Centre. These young artists designed and executed three gender neutral art pieces to be displayed on the toilet doors to replace the gender binary art pieces that were there before. 

These artworks were installed accompanied by inclusive signage. 

HEON8758.jpg  IMG_0475.jpg
 Loos for You was supported by the Victorian Government through the Healthy Equal Youth program

Youth Uploaded

Again in 2018 (we were busy that year!) a group of budding young film makers created a video highlighting what it's like to 'come out' as LGBTIAQ+.


'Youth Uploaded' was funded by VicHealth's Bright Futures Challenge

Equal Sports

In 2016, our local LGBTIAQ+ young people and allies went out into the community to capture the importance of inclusion within sport.


Equal Sports was supported by the Victorian Government through the Healthy Equal Youth program