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Hangout has gone home... Introducing #hangoutathome. 


#hangoutathome is Hangout in the comfort of your own home. Jump on Facebook & Instagram from 3-5pm every Thursday. There you can find Marcus & Ash available for live chat on messenger, competitions, online activities and live streams. Every week will be different! 

fb-iocn.png  Maroondah City Council Youth Services



For now, here are some activity ideas you can do at home:

  • Head out for a walk 
  • Try some arts and craft
  • Read that book that's been sitting on your shelf for a long time
  • Listen to a TED talk
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Write a postcard…from home
  • Call a friend
  • Practice an instrument
  • Play with your pet (BYO pet)
  • Tidy up your room
  • Redesign your room
  • Make some art, jewellery, a card or music for someone else 
  • Do some mindful photography

Rights and responsibilities:


  • Feel welcome, safe and included
  • Be treated with respect and free from discrimination
  • Speak to a youth worker for support


  • No abusive, offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate language, links, photos, or behaviour
  • This is a public platform, be mindful of what you post
  • Don't post or share or screenshot private information about others
  • Ensure that whatever can be seen in the background of your video is free from inappropriate belongings, images, posters or text

Youth Services reserves the right to terminate any call, video chat or online chat if the rights and responsibilities are not being upheld.

For the full list of what is okay and what’s not okay, see our house rules here.(pdf 114kb)


For more, connect with us on Facebook, call us on 9294 5704 or email us at