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Tintern Green Team

Leadership - Perseverance - Creativity

The Green Team is a student-led co-curricular group at Tintern Grammar. The group is made up of Years 5-12 students and staff who are passionate about the environment and the health of our planet. They live by their motto: “We are no longer accepting the things we cannot change; we are changing the things we cannot accept.” What started with 30 passionate students in early 2019 has developed into over 80 students and 6 staff who have truly made a difference to the school and broader community. In 2019 they aimed to: - Raise awareness of issues surrounding sustainability within the school and implement better sustainable practices around campus; and - Educate the students and broader school community about the bigger issues facing the world in the sustainability space and to take proactive action. The group worked together to plan and implement a number of initiatives throughout the year including: - Introduction of a campus-wide composting system. - A multi bin system has been introduced across the Middle School, Senior College, Music department and Library. - Students and staff have been provided with opportunities to recycle soft plastics, coffee pods, plastic bottle tops, bread tags and batteries. - During Outdoor Education and Duke of Edinburgh beach hikes, students collected rubbish that was washed up on the beach and created art works and murals which are displayed around campus. These art projects aim to start conversations around proper recycling. - Members of the school community were offered the opportunity to purchase products that replace single use plastics (shopping bags, straws, etc.) through a Netbags fundraiser, which raised $850 to go towards additional compost bins. - Partnered with 7-Eleven in Heathmont to recycle single use coffee cups through their Cup Rescue program. - Junior School students collected over 100kg of non-perishable food items to be donated to FareShare. - Participation in Clean Up Australia Day event at Ringwood Lake. - Hosting a movie night screening the 2040 movie. Over $3,000 was raised from ticket sales and the raffle. The funds were used to purchase a solar panel for the school and to support the Green Team’s 20km and 50km Tintern Grammar Green Team members who participated in the a2 Milk Upstream Challenge Walk and raised in excess of $10,000 for FareShare. - The Green Team ran their inaugural Green Earth Week, which aimed to raise further awareness and funds for more sustainable practices.