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Ringwood Secondary College Student Voice Team



Social Intelligence - Fairness - Teamwork 

As part of the Take Action program, five students from the Respectful Relationship and Gender Diversity Committee at Ringwood Secondary College were provided with Student Activist training by the Department of Education, to help them lead cultural change at the school. These five students would continually work well as a team, in near independence from their supervising teacher, to survey over half the school of 1500 students on questions about Respectful Relationships and Gender Diversity. They then analysed the data to come up with their own action plan which focuses on supporting students in dealing with gender inequality through disclosure training for staff and restorative practices between perpetrators and victims. The team presented their findings and action plan in term 4 this year, and future-proofed their team by expanding the team to 13 students. For the start of 2020, the students have organised disclosure PD through the VicSRC Teach the Teacher program, and are planning to speak at the assemblies for all six year levels.