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Saw Wah Ber Moo



Curiosity - Bravery - Perseverance

Saw Wah Ber Moo’s epitomises hard-work and an positive approach to his education and life. He demonstrates incredible resilience and hardworking qualities. Saw Wah Ber Moo has experienced many challenges in adjusting to a new country and culture, including studying in English which is not in his first language, balancing expectations and responsibilities that come with being the eldest in the family, navigating new cultural identities, making new friends and learning the everyday basics to navigate public transport among other things. His resilience, hard work and positive attitude have enable him to overcome these many challenges. He works doubly as hard as his peers to complete his education in a language that is not his first. His willingness to do well and remain engaged in his education despite the many challenges of being new to Australian culture and the language is demonstrated by his attendance at three after school homework support programs offered by the Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) across three different week nights. Saw Wah Ber Moo should be commended for his hard work over the past year.