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Jyan Green

Bravery - Humility - Humour

Jyan has demonstrated enormous personal growth and maturity, particularly in the last year. He has worked hard at school to improve his participation and performance. Jyan built his leadership skills through the EACH Aboriginal Small Grants Project which was used to run a Possum Skin Project at school. Jyan led the other Aboriginal students and school captains to design and create a special Healing Cloak, used regularly around the school for ceremonies, and when students need some care and support. He has enthusiastically represented the school at several Long Walks with Aquinas College and Nova Peris, promoting understanding about Michael Long and his important work creating a voice for Indigenous matters in Australia. Jyan has pushed himself to use his own voice at school, often presenting the Acknowledgement of Country at assemblies and special events. A unit of work on Government and individuals who have inspired change in Australian politics in 2019 further inspired Jyan to use his voice for good. He is eager to demonstrate his pride in being a young Aboriginal man, and has even sought opportunities to mentor younger Indigenous students based on the lessons he has learnt about making good choices and personal growth. As he prepared for Year Six, Jyan worked hard on his application for School Captain in 2020. He presented an emotional speech which was very personal, detailing life lessons, cultural pride and his desire to lead by example. Though not School Captain, Jyan is currently in another leadership position in the school, and his determination to represent himself, his school and his culture with pride is a source of great pride for his teachers and family.