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Hollie Negri



Honesty - Kindness - Humour 

Hollie was born with Cerebral Palsy in 2006 and has attended mainstream school since Foundation class. She has severe cerebral palsy which means she is wheelchair bound and non-verbal. Despite these challenges she perseveres every day to come to school to learn and improve her skills. At times it seems it must be extremely frustrating, when others do not understand what she is trying to say, yet she does not let this show and will persist until she gets across her message. It was wonderful to watch her persevere to get the school music changed to her favourite band ACDC, through numerous emails to the principal. Hollie has been able to communicate with children and adults through her determination and perseverance in using augmentative and alternate communication or AAC as it is termed. Her hard work and perseverance has allowed her to develop her ability to communicate with others using multiple tools and methods which will hold her in good stead for secondary school and life. Hollie also is challenged by having to perform modified school work compared to the rest of the class which could isolate her from her class mates but instead she completes her work with a positive attitude and dedication which is an inspiration to her peers and teachers. She often faces many health issues and yet Hollie continues to push on and come to school to be with her class and teachers. I could not think of anyone more deserving to receive the perseverance award!