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Daisy Lal Par Liani

Perspective - Bravery - Perseverance  

Daisy has worked incredibly hard and has not given up, even in the face of some difficult challenges she has had to go through in her life. Daisy is always seen helping and encouraging others, whether this is at school, in her community, at home or through her church. As the eldest in her family, Daisy feels a great sense of responsibility at home and does whatever she can in her means to help her family. Although life has not been easy and there has been the added challenge of making Australia her home, Daisy has grown in confidence and maturity to navigate the world more boldly and with bravery. She has gained beautiful perspective and insight into the world around her and developed helpful ways to encourage and build up others who might be struggling. Her commitment to love others and dedicated hard work is noticed and we celebrate her determination to press on through the day to day challenges.