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Perseverance Awards

The Perseverance Award is for those who hav demonstrated ongoing determination and persistence whilst overcoming challenges in their day-to-day lives.



Here is a list of those nominated for the Perseverance Award. Click on the names to learn more about each nominee:

Amelia Chapman

Bailey Heron

Cing Zun

Clarissa Allerton

Daisy Lal Par Liani

Eh Tee Ker Paw

Ellen Saunders

Fady Elyas

Grace Lia Shwe

Harry Weinberg

Hollie Negri

Iang Men

Jack Lugg

Jeremy Heron

Jessica Ellis Van-Gent

Johnny Dawt Za Hmung

Jyan Green

Lionel Maizels

Luke Puckridge


Man San Lun

Mark Stewart

Niang Sian Lun Cing

Nicole Whyte

Penny Bowman

Rhian McManus

Rosey Khrih Nei Mawi

Saw Wah Ber Moo


Watch Jack Lugg speak about his story, perseverance and what the award means to him: