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Harry Box



 Bravery - Perseverance - Kindness

Harry has led from the front, the side and behind throughout his time with us at Aquinas College. He shows genuine leadership qualities and is always someone who the school could depend upon to inspire and lead others even when the circumstances are difficult. Harry is an unsung hero in many ways, humble, kind and honest. He is a great role model for others inclusive of those his senior. He accepts responsibility willingly and embodies the qualities of a genuine leader. Harry is an outstanding young man who presents as a genuine leader in all he does. Harry has excellent communication skills in particular, the thoughtful way he engages with people is testament of this. Harry has an easy going, humble and genuine manner .This enables him to make others feel at ease in his presence instantaneously. Harry considers the opinion of others and demonstrates wisdom beyond his years. Harry inspires others to achieve and adopts a selfless approach to supporting others. Despite his own health challenges preventing him for participating in competitive sport for a period of time, Harry showed grit, perseverance and grace supporting these various teams from the sideline. This act alone is but one indication of the role model Harry Box is for others.