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Chloe Baulch



Zest - Social Intelligence - Leadership

Chloe is a proud young Monaro-Ngarigo and Gunai Kurnai woman who consistently extends herself in sharing her knowledge of Aboriginal culture whilst demonstrating advanced leadership qualities. Chloe continues to impart her cultural knowledge not just to her own community but also the broader community in which she lives. This has been significantly demonstrated particularly during her secondary school years where Chloe has continued to raise the profile on Indigenous issues and collaboratively coordinate activities and events that celebrate Indigenous culture. Chloe has grown up within the Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place community and maintains a deep connection volunteering her time to a range of events, attending regular programs and supporting the many fund raising activities associated with the organisation. Chloe is a testament to the future of young Aboriginal leaders and not only supports her own community but participates in a range of volunteering activities such as assisting people with disabilities; volunteering at local church groups; teaching dance to primary school aged children; and achieving high academic outcomes. Chloe demonstrates a deep love of culture; a yearning to share knowledge and a thirst to support people to achieve their own dreams. She is a true representation of what young leadership is all about. Chloe has a bright future ahead of her and has continued to demonstrate her capabilities in ensuring fairness and equity for all. During the last few years, Chloe has continued to win a number of awards and acknowledgement for the contribution she makes to all sectors of the community. Notwithstanding her passion for her community and culture, Chloe also exhibits a passion and love for all who need that little bit of extra care. She is commendable, reliable, considerate, and understands the nature of humanity. She is caring and motivating and deserves to be considered for a leadership award. Chloe Baulch is a teacher, advocate, fundraiser, volunteer, facilitator and young holder of cultural integrity. Chloe deserves to be recognised for her diverse community contribution and also as a role model for other Aboriginal young people who could be encouraged to soar to the highest of highs, reach their potential and step into the world of the next generation of leaders. This is everything Chloe is about.