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Ashleigh Clifford



 Perspective - Leadership - Teamwork

Ash was part of the year 10 Leadership team in 2019, and Ash was instrumental in facilitating the organisation of the Scleroderma Fundraiser for Norwood Secondary College. She made contact with the family of Harrison, a young boy suffering from Scleroderma who became the face of the fundraiser. Ash also contacted the AFL player Dyson Heppell (a Scleroderma ambassador) and arranged for him to attend the fundraiser session at NSC and to speak to the Year 10 cohort. She also reached out to Amanda Lawrie-Jones, the president of Scleroderma Victoria to get merchandise that could be sold at school and also arranged for Amanda to attend the Norwood fundraiser. Through her efforts, she raised just under $2000 for Scleroderma and promoted awareness throughout the community. She is motivated, diligent and hard-working, and aspires to achieve the do the best she can. At the end of 2019, she achieved the ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership + Teamwork award and 3 Sports awards. Her aspirations and dedication, both in and outside of the classroom, make her a very valued member of the NSC community.