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Annabel Johnstone



Social Intelligence - Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence - Gratitude

Annabel accepted the responsibility and leadership role of Captain of Positive Education at Mullum Primary School for 2019. As the first appointed captain, Annabel has proactively sought to ensure that students feel included, heard and safe. On a fortnightly basis, Annabel has written articles for the school newsletter about her own experiences and how she incorporates positive psychology concepts into her own life at home and at school. She has sought information from students about what has been explcitly and implicitly taught at school and shared this with the wider community. She has suggested a variety of ideas about how we can make the students learning environments more positive, such as holding sessions on gratitude, mindfulness, engagement and connections. Beyond her school life and her family, she has been invoted to join more than 100 adults to participate in the Maroondah Appreciative Inquiry, focusing on what Maroondah can do in the future to increase the number of young people to flourish. Annabel has had a positive effect on many young students and peers at Mullum Primary School. Students have commented that without even realising it, Annabel has a lasting effect on others; whether she is close by or whether people recount a situation or conversation they have shared with her; she lifts people’s positive emotions. People notice that she perseveres and tries her best in all aspects of her schooling.