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Leadership Awards

The Leadership Award is for individuals who have shown significant leadership qualities, positive direction, and have empowered others.


Here are our nominees for the Leadership Award. Click on each name to read why they were nominated:

Angus Lay

Annabel Johnstone

Ashleigh Clifford

Chloe Baulch

Elijah Magno

Ella Grigg

Erin Doupe

Harry Box

Harry Flynn

Jasmine King

Jasmine Razumic

Jonathon Tan

Joshua Lay

Julia Rosenbrock

Kor Kor Doe-Lawson

Madeleine Grisius

Mary Elyas

Matthew Heron

Mitchell Gee

Natalie Barr

Olivia Kiefte

Owen de Vries

Samuel Hyde

Tayla Donker


Watch Chloe Baulch talk about her experience as a Monaro-Ngarigo and Gunai Kurnai woman and how she has shown leadership by sharing her knowledge of Aboriginal culture: