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Natalie Barr



Creativity -  Love of Learning - Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence


Natalie is a passionate performer and writer. She is our current school Eco-leader and uses puppetry to engage the students in issues surrounding sustainability. Natalie is also a very talented and driven writer. She is achieving well above the expected level academically, but is also an intrinsic learner, constantly seeking to extend her own writing. Natalie has been the major driver for the school starting a Senior Newspaper. She worked with one other student to run the meetings, organise the content and follow up with members of the team before editing the entire piece herself. Natalie has also recently been given a position as a junior journalist by Just Kidding magazine. Finally, Natalie has self-sourced a number of poetry and writing competitions, recently winning first, second and third in one national competition and placing in two others. She is now also writing a picture story book for another writing competition, in hopes of becoming a published children's author.