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Ringwood Secondary College SWAT Project


As part of the 2018 SWAT (Student Action Wellbeing Team) Leadership program, Ringwood Secondary College students Molly Phillips-Stone and Devesh Bahuguna targeted the increasing prevalence of unhealthy food intake in their college community, with a particular focus on the school canteen. In order to learn more about the issue, they conducted a school-wide survey about student's attitudes to the current canteen and their idealistic view of the canteen in the future. After analyzing the results they received, they found that students would like to have more accessible and affordable healthy food options in the school, as product placement, unclear menu presentation, and cost barriers had prevented them from experiencing this. Therefore, the Ringwood students came up with a tangible plan to tackle unhealthy food intake and presented a final report to their school council. Their leadership skills and hard work were fulfilled when their recommendations were successfully approved. Their changes will be built into the next contract with the school's canteen provider, contributing to a more healthier college community.

Demonstrated character strengths:

  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Teamwork