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Heathmont SWAT Project


Ebony, Lachlan, Maddie and Tom decided to tackle high levels of stress in year 10’s at their school. They identified that students were often worried about school work, and didn’t always have time to relax. Due to the overwhelming use of the wellbeing space at school, they decided that creating a ‘chill out zone’ for year 10’s during lunch time may help people reduce stress, as well as decreasing pressure on wellbeing staff and keeping that space free for people who really needed support. The students planned and ran a pilot session of the ‘Chill out Zone’ in a classroom at lunch time, where they played relaxing music, had relaxing activity options, and provided food. The Chill Out Zone will continue as a space for students to take a break in the middle of busy days.

Demonstrated character strengths:

  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Teamwork