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Maroondah Youth Awards


Maroondah Youth Awards 2018

The Maroondah Youth Awards is an evening that celebrates and recognises the commitments and achievements of young people aged between 10-25 in Maroondah.

The 2018 Maroondah Youth Awards ceremony will be held at Karralyka Centre on Thursday the 19th of April from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Check out some of the amazing young people nominated this year below! Click each link to see their full profiles.

Creativity Award:

Personal Journey Award:

Leadership Award:

Group Achievement Award:

Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Advocates (MYWA)

  • Andrew Weller
  • David Edginton
  • Eliza Allen
  • Hau Za Cin Kip Gen
  • Isabel Santos
  • Jarrod McPherson
  • Lana Wheatfill
  • Rose Hawthorne-Scott
  • Zenhuaikim Kawngte  

MIC Youth Leadership Commission

  • Biakthachin Thlaceu
  • Caleb Sang
  • Cin Zahlang
  • Cing Muan Kim Naulak
  • Hau Za Cin Kip Gen
  • Htin Lin Htet
  • Khai Muan Kim
  • Luan Lam Dim Zahlang
  • Maedeh Maghsoodi
  • Matthew Shaaya
  • Rakili
  • Samantha Fowler
  • San Nu Buan Sing
  • Vuan Sian Man Naulak
  • Zenhuaikim Kawngte

Senior Advisory

  • Amy Wilmot
  • Drew Cuffe
  • Isabella O'Hara
  • James Ferris
  • Justin Hendy
  • Laura Poliseno-Morrish

Aquinas College SWAT Project

  • Alex Watson
  • Lauren Ridler

Heathmont College SWAT Project

  • Emily Kefford

Luther College SWAT Project

  • Lars Miller
  • Phillipa Schuyler
  • Stephanie Hughes
  • Taya Fittolani

Melba College SWAT Project

  • Amy O'Loughlin
  • Bailey Stelfox
  • Jade Taylor
  • Tom Khuk Zawn

Norwood Secondary College SWAT Project

  • Chee Juan Ting
  • Megan Sebire
  • Peter Brewer
  • Ryan Boyce

Ringwood Secondary College SWAT Project

  • Alice D'Arcy
  • Phoebe Roach

Swinburne TAFE SWAT Project

  • Andrew Weller
  • Nikkita Munns

Tintern Grammar SWAT Project

  • Eliza Allen
  • Ella Watt
  • Jameson Wong
  • Jocelyn Ch'ng 


For more information on the Youth Awards, connect with us on Facebook, call us on 9294 5704 or email us at

This event is supported by the Victorian Government