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Bassline Battle (FReeZA Push Start Series 2018)


Congratulations and a massive shout out to our winners from Bassline Battle!

The Maroondah heat of the 2018 FReeZA Push Start series was held on Friday the 3rd of August. Coordinated by Bassline Productions and Maroondah City Council Youth Services, the evening was a wonderful showcase of local young musicians with a diverse range of music genres. Our prized positions went to…

1st Place – Girl on the Hill

Girl on the Hill is a young singer-songwriter Sadie from Croydon.  Sadie has won numerous song writing competitions and has been performing at festivals and gigs since the age of 9. She expresses her teenage life through songs with intricate rhythms and beautiful melodies Sadie released her debut album in 2016 and has an EP on the way this November.

Girl on the Hill received a $250 music voucher to Hans Music Spot + professional photo shoot + Gig slot at Maroondah Festival AND will go on to compete at regional finals of the FReeZA Push Start Series! Good luck Girl on the Hill.

Facebook: Girl on the Hill

Instagram: @_Girl_on_the_hill

2nd Place – Tyller

Tyller is an 18-year-old, up-and-coming singer/ songwriter from Melbourne, with a distinctly unique sound that comes straight from her heart and experiences. She vibes between genres such as Alternative Pop, Folk, RnB and Soul, and strives to become an international artist and motivational speaker.

Tyller received a $150 music voucher to Hans Music!

Facebook: Tyller

Instagram: @Tyller_music

3rd Place – Repulse Pop 

Repulse Pop are 5 Melbourne teens that met at a school holiday program called Rock Academy, in October 2017. When Repulse Pop met, they had the same intentions - to make music for people around the world to listen to, love and to connect with.

Repulse Pop received a $100 music voucher to Hans Music!

Facebook: Repulse Pop Official 

Instagram: @Repulsepop