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Maroondah Plus 10 Schools

Maroondah Plus 10 Schools is a partnership between Maroondah City Council, the Maroondah Principals Network, the Victorian Government Department of Education & Training, the University of Melbourne and the Institute of Positive Education, who are working together to implement Positive Education in order to raise the wellbeing of young people in Maroondah.


Our Aim

Maroondah Plus 10 schools aims to increase the wellbeing and educational outcomes of students in Maroondah through the implementation of Positive Education and targeted wellbeing initiatives. Using a collective impact framework Council and local schools are working together with community agencies and world leaders in Positive Education to share practice, build expertise and work collaboratively to achieve meaningful outcomes for young people. This enables Council to mobilise community resources towards our common goal and expand our impact on raising the wellbeing of young people.

What we've achieved

As of July 2018, 22 schools have signed up to participate in the Maroondah Plus 10 Schools project. Significant progress has been made since the projects inception in 2016, including:

  • The delivery of the University of Melbourne's Student Wellbeing Profiler in 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • All Maroondah Principals undertaking an introductory session and then a full day of training in Positive Education
  • Positive Education needs analyses have been completed in all participating schools
  • Individually tailored Positive Education training has been delivered in participating schools
  • Funding of $890,000 has been provided by the Victorian Government to develop an annex of the Institute of Positive Education in Maroondah, and 5.5 million to build a Wellbeing Centre at Heathmont College. 

More information

For more information on the Plus 10 Schools project, what we aim to achieve, and how your school / organisation can get involved, contact Maroondah City Council Youth Services on 9294 5704.

For more information on Positive Psychology or Positive Education, contact our partners: the University of Melbourne Centre for Positive Psychology, or the Institute of Positive Education.