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Young People Online


We want to better support young people to connect with the digital world in positive and safe ways, so we asked our Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Advocates (MYWA) to identify three common things that you may come across in your online travels. The following information was written by the young people in the MYWA committee to educate other young people on these issues, how to approach them, and where to get support.

Check out the resources below for information on how to spot, and respond to, online bullying, sexting and discrimination. 


Want to know some strategies to address online bullying, places to get support, or how to spot it?

Follow the above link for more information!



Curious about what sexting is, how to handle it or where to go for support? 

Follow the above link for more information!



Interested in some of the different forms of discrimination, how you can address them, or where you can go for support?

Follow the above link for more information!



If you need some more support, get in touch with a youth worker through our youth support service. We're here to help!