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Student Wellbeing Workshops

Book FREE evidence based workshops to build the wellbeing of your students.


Our range of four-module school based workshops give students the chance to reflect on their relationships, identify their strengths and build their wellbeing. Alongside these interactive workshops, we offer one off presentations for schools who wish to host large group introductory sessions.

Classroom based programs 

Classroom based programs are offered from years 7 - 10, and are delivered over four one-hour sessions (or equivalent). Programs offered include:

Building Wellbeing

Target age range: years 7 - 10

Building Wellbeing workshops introduce the concept of wellbeing, and explore practical, engaging wellbeing strategies for every day use. Exploring a range of positive psychology tools and exercises, these workshops challenge the idea that wellbeing is just about feeling happy, and inspire young people to make changes towards a flourishing life.

Positive Relationships

Target age range: years 7 - 10

Positive Relationships workshops encourage students to explore their current relationships, and reflect on the role that relationships play in their wellbeing. Throughout the program, students are taken on a journey of identifying their own values, reflecting on their current relationships, look at what’s working, and problem solving challenging relationships.

Mental Health & Us

Target age range: years 8 - 9 

Mental Health & Us helps students build a solid understanding of the concept of mental health, and recognise what positive mental health looks like. Students explore how to be supportive friends to those experiencing mental health difficulties, and to understand when support from a trusted adult or support service is required. 

Pride at School

Target age range: years 7 - 10

Pride at School workshops are delivered utilising the Department of Education and Training’s resource, All of Us. Supported by video content and class discussion, the workshops build empathy in all students by highlighting the experience of LGBTIQA + young people, with the aim to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Large group presentations 

One off presentations are offered from years 7 - 12, and can be delivered theatre style to large groups / full year levels. Programs offered include:

Navigating Drugs and Alcohol

Target age range: years 8 - 9

This presentation acknowledges that young people are likely to be exposed to drugs and alcohol at some point in time, and helps them to identify problematic use in themselves and their friends. Offering a balanced, evidence based approach to drug education, young people will be encouraged to explore a range of views regarding drugs, and provided with practical information about where to seek further help if they need it.

Mindfulness for the Senior Years

Target age range: years 10 - 12

This presentation gives an overview of the science of mindfulness, offering mindfulness as a tool for young people as they enter the senior years of high school. Students participate in a range of experiential activities, and are presented with the facts around mindfulness and its ability to increase attention, and reduce anxiety around tests and exams.

Pride at School

Target age range: years 7 - 10

This presentation delivers an express version of our four module Pride at School workshops. Ideal for schools who would like to support the inclusion of LGBTIQA+ students across a whole year level, students look at the difference between sex, gender and sexuality, and participate in activities that build their empathy towards and support of LGBTIQA+ peers.


For more information or to book a workshop, contact Youth Services on 9294 5704