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Youth Week 2021

Thanks for helping us celebrate Victorian Youth Week this year!

Celebrating the incredible talent and diverse achievements of young people in Maroondah.



Bailey has always loved sport. He's out on the field rain or shine most days of the week. He coaches and plays cricket, umpires footy, and plays too. He's as committed as they come!

In his own words: 'Sport has always been a massive part of my life, since I can remember I've had a footy in my hands. Injuries have been my biggest set back but the feeling of playing and achieving a goal after recovering from the injury is something else' - Bailey, 16 (He/him)



Ahlya, our Youth Week, Young Artist is a 15 year-old self-taught artist.

'I draw because it helps me express myself' - Ahlya, 15 (She/Her)



Jackson, our Youth Week, Young Advocate is involved in our Student Wellbeing Action Team (SWAT) and Maroondah Youth Wellbeing Advocates (MYWA) programs and does debating and Youth Philanthropy at his school. He's a well-being leader and charity-supporting debater. 

In his own words: 'Advocacy is a huge part of my life. I understand that advocacy can seem daunting at times, which is why it's important to start small. Whether it be spreading awareness by educating your peers, joining your student leadership team or simply standing by your beliefs and morals, anyone can make a change. All you need to do is find your passion and take a stand for the cause you believe in' - Jackson, 16 (He/Him)


Laura is our Youth Week, Young Performer. Dance is a big part of her life and a major source of happiness. 

In her own words: 'Dance will forever be my source of happiness. It's like my best-friend. It's always there and will never leave. With dancing I feel free. Never be afraid to express yourself.'  You're amazing - Laura, 15 (She/Her)

Ner Kaw Soe

 Ner Kaw Soe is our talented Youth Week, Young Musician. He connected a keyboard to his computer and started making music in January!

'I taught myself to produce music and in the future I'd like to release more pop songs for everyone to freely enjoy! - Ner Kaw Soe, 21. 



Teddy is our Youth Week, Young Entrepreneur! Teddy creates art and sells it locally & internationally. He's all about diversity and inclusion.

In his own words: 'I'm Teddy, a young artist who just launched my first print store! I've started small, but it's meant so much to have the support of others who see themselves in the art I make. It's been my dream since starting digital art to someday host my own shop and send prints out to people across the world. I'm making art that is more authentic to myself and shares my personal story as a young butch lesbian, which I was afraid of doing for so long' - Teddy (He/Them) 



Kaleb is our Youth Week, Young Council Employee. He works as a swim teacher at Maroondah City Council. He studies Industrial Design and is doing a carpentry apprenticeship.

'I picked up swim teaching as a way to develop my skills and enter the work force whilst I finish year 12'. His message to other young people is: 'keep your options broad and don't be discouraged' - Kaleb, 21 (He/Him)

Peng Cung



Sienna is our Youth Week, Young Environmentalist. She's part of the Green Team at her school that have worked hard to fund-raise and gift over 400 solar lights to children and young people who don't have access to electricity.

'I'm passionate about the environment because we know that climate change will be a big part of our future. As this issue is so big, I find it's best to start by making small changes and doing what we can to further sustainability around our communities and homes' - Sienna, 16 (She/Her)

Tial, Phir and Eden


Tial, Phir and Eden are very talented young musicians aged 21. They moved to Australia from Chin State, Myanmar and now study English. They sing for their country. 'It is about having hope in the future. We can not give up.'