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Youth Uploaded


Youth Uploaded

This exciting program was a team of young people interested who worked for 6 months to build their digital content skills and create a series of short videos to help increase the wellbeing of young people, working with a professional filmmaker from Momentum Studios.  

The content was designed by young people, for young people, with evidence-based strategies that cover a wide range of important topics. Along the way the team learnt about the necessary film production elements and got to put them into practice creating short videos.


Video 1: How to Support a Friend

Our first video provides tips on how to support a friend going through a tough time. Young people from Maroondah give advice about what they have found helpful and Headspace Knox helps out with some professional tips.



Video 2: How to Calm Down when Feeling Anxious

Anxiety can be part of everyday life and is nothing to be ashamed of. Our Youth Uploaded crew researched some useful strategies for managing anxiety and you can find them in the video below. We hope they are helpful for you! 

Video 3: Depression Awareness

Mental illness is still a taboo topic in today’s society. We wanted to highlight the subtle signs of someone who may be experiencing depression and provide some guidance on how people could start the conversation with someone if they are worried about them.

Content Warning:  this video contains mental health themes.

Video 4: Mobile Mayhem! 

The digital world is taking over so much of our lives. We wanted to show a snippet of some of the ways that technology is taking us away from the real world. 


Video 5: Support our LGBTQI young people

Coming out is often a really significant part of an LGBTI young person’s journey. It is important that if they make the decision to do this, that they are safe and supported. We have captured the stories of local LGBTI young people to share some advice on how to be a supportive person when someone comes out to you. 

Video 6: FAQs for calling a helpline 

Many young people acknowledge that they would benefit from talking to someone about what is going on for them, and doing this anonymously over the phone can be helpful. We wanted to answer some of the common questions that people ask about calling a helpline, to encourage young people to call if they need.



Video 7: Standing up to Sexism

We often witness or experience sexism in our day to day lives and we don’t speak out. This video hopes to inspire people to speak out about sexism to help create change for the future.


A big THANK YOU to the amazing crew of young filmmakers involved in this program for your creative work, research and production of these videos about important health issues for young people.





'Youth Uploaded' is funded by VicHealth's Bright Futures Challenge