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Youth Strategy and Action Plan


Council's Youth Strategy outlines our focus for our work with and for Maroondah's young people aged 10-25 over the coming years.

Our core purpose in this work is summed up by our simple Mission: 

To raise the wellbeing of Maroondah’s young people


You can download copies of the full Youth Strategy and our first two year Action Plan here:

Youth Strategy(pdf 3mb)

Youth Strategy(docx 780kb)

Action Plan(pdf 835kb)

Action Plan(docx 83kb)

Our Strategic Outcomes 

To guide us we have four Strategic Outcomes:

1. Maroondah’s young people are healthy

Maroondah’s young people are empowered and supported to develop their health and wellbeing in all aspects of their lives. They are supported in this by their families, communities, schools, and community services, who in turn are supported by Council. Maroondah provides a safe and healthy natural and built environment in which young people can flourish now and into the future. 

2. Maroondah’s young people are connected

Maroondah’s young people are supported by positive connections with their peers, families and communities. They can connect effectively with places and opportunities, both physically and online. They are well informed about the wide range of services, opportunities, and information available to them, and feel confident to connect with these. 

3. Maroondah’s young people are engaged

Maroondah’s young people are empowered and actively engaged in matters that affect them and their communities. They have the skills, confidence, and opportunities to be active empowered citizens. They are able to engage in opportunities that have meaning and purpose to them, and are recognised and celebrated for their accomplishments.

4. Maroondah's young people are prepared 

Maroondah’s young people are well prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world, both as adolescents and as they transition into adulthood. They are resourceful and resilient, and equipped to successfully navigate change and challenges in their lives.

Download our Action Plan (above) to see what we're doing to achieve these outcomes! 


Background Reports

You can download copies of the reports that have informed our Action Plan and Strategy here:

Student Wellbeing Survey(pdf 5mb)

Youth Survey Report(pdf 4mb)

Parent and Community Member Survey(pdf 3mb)


Further information 

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Strategy, please connect with us. Call us during business hours Monday - Friday on (03) 9294 5704 or email us on